Feedback from Participants


I used to be active in writing during my secondary school and poly days. However, after NS, passion and time gave
way to other things. Muthirrai has thus allowed me to rekindle my old love and passion for writing. My sincere
thanks to Mr Selva and the guest speakers who were awesome creators with ‘ink’. They were true inspirations
behind my writing. Actually, it’s easier to start writing, but harder to complete a work! Well, I guess my journey as a
writer has just begin.

K Maathavan, 27

I learned how to tackle different genres of writing through this workshop. It was very encouraging to meet the guest speakers and obtain writing tips from them. Selva has given me motivation and ideas to improve my writing. Overall, I found Muthirrai to be very useful and informative and I look forward to join other workshops like this in the future.


d/o Kupusamy

I have been trying to write for the last 20 years and I’ve been able to do that now thanks to Muthirrai. This workshop has given me the knowledge and skills for me to finally realise what it takes to be a writer. I learned a lot but more importantly, I learned what not to write. The guest speakers were excellent and Selva has made me think differently. Thank you everyone.

M Thirunavukkarasu, 49

I have always had a fond interest for writing and especially Tamil literature and poetry, but I have always had doubts about my writing abilities. However, Muthirrai served as a good spring board for my learning. The various guest speakers were highly knowledgeable and gave interesting insights into writing and taught me how to express my own thoughts and ideas. Writing no longer seems like an insurmountable task, and I hope I carry this passion with me throughout my life.


s/o Subramaniam, 23


I used to think that there was only one particular way of approaching the art of writing. Attending this workshop taught me skills to write more in depth to convey my intended messages. I also learnt how to critically analyse my own work and further improve to bring out the essence and quality of my writing. Through the exposure I gained on the different views and perceptions on the art of writing, my once rigid mind set has broadened greatly. The guidance of the trainers and the interaction with participants in the workshop have helped me gain the confidence to write. Overall, attending this workshop is educational and a pleasant experience.

Habiba Shariff Binte Gose Sahul Hameed, 60

The most significant experience for me during Muthirrai was hearing out from the seniors who took part in the programme. The motivation they had to write and to produce quality writings to the best of their abilities despite their various constraints really led me to think about how I can and should push myself to write better. This is  especially due to the fact that my generation is lucky in terms of the resources we have access to and the number of people who are out there in the writing field who are willing to push us beyond our boundaries.

Ashwinii Selvaraj, 17 Muthirai