Muthurrai (Impression) is a community arts project in creative writing commissioned by the National Arts Council in June 2015, as part of Silver Arts initiative which aims to advocate the meaningful possibilities seniors can have in the arts. The project intends to symbolise the essence of inter-generational bonding, as Singapore graces through the passage of time. Avant Theatre has a strong working relationship with the National Arts Council since its inception in Singapore in 2011.

As facilitator of this programme, it was an honour to nurture amateur writers, both young and old, in this symbiotic writing journey that lasted 8 sessions. This initiative provided a valuable platform for writers to come forth to express themselves. The struggles they faced, and the hopes they carried, offered a priceless perspective into the lives of ordinary Singaporeans living extraordinary lives. By empowering these writers with essential narrative, descriptive and critical writing techniques, Muthirrai has transformed their energy and wisdom into words, transcending boundaries, moving readers toward a greater future.

I am happy to see the emergence of six promising writers, three from the younger age group and three from the matured age group, from this pilot project. All participants showed great enthusiasm and interest in exploring the four genres namely Short Story, Poetry, Essay and Play. During the sessions, different thought processes and
writing styles were discovered and shared among the participants. The collaborative attitude among the old and the young in expressing their varied experiences has culminated into interesting literary works. It was an amazing process that I truly enjoyed.

With Muthirrai, dawns a new birth for Singapore literature.
G Selva
Artistic Director
Avant Theatre & Language